Phono Solar Helios PS440L12GFH-16/QSH

30 Year Warranty

Heterojunction solar cells in the Phono Solar Helios PS440L12GFH-16/QSH utilize a three-layer structure to enhance UV light harvesting. They feature a crystalline N-type silicon wafer sandwiched between two thin amorphous silicon layers, all enclosed within two layers of toughened glass for protection.

This innovative design improves efficiency up to 22.53% by optimizing light capture at each layer. The top amorphous silicon layer absorbs additional sunlight before it reaches the crystalline silicon wafer, while the bottom layer captures any remaining light that passes through. This layered approach maximises the solar cell's overall efficiency and energy output, making the Phono Solar Helios PS440L12GFH-16/QSH a highly efficient and effective choice for solar energy systems.

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