Solar Panels

Jinko Tiger Neo Satin (All-Black) - JKM440N-54HL4R-B
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Vertex TSM-440NEG9R.28
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Risen Energy RSM108-9-415N-440N
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Battery Storage

Redback Smart Hybrid System
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Redback Technologies SB9600 / SB14200
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Fox ESS AIO-H1-5.0-HVS5.2
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Inverter Systems

Enphase IQ8HC & IQ8AC Microinverters
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Fronius GEN24 Series
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Goodwe DNS + MS Series
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Welcome to the clean energy club! We're happy to have you and grateful that you chose Midland Solar for your new solar energy system. Now you can save money and enjoy endless solar power throughout your household all year-round.

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